24 & 25 March

Enjoy a unique experience!

The Digital Spring event was held in Brussels for the first time in March 2019 at the initiative of Minister-President Rudi Vervoort, following the Brussels Region's participation in the Digital Spring in Montreal.

Noting the presence of a large number of Brussels stakeholders involved in the digital field (companies, start-ups, research and training centres, public authorities, etc.), the Brussels Region wanted to launch a similar event in collaboration with Montreal. Its organisation was entrusted to in collaboration with the BRIC (Brussels Regional Informatics Centre).

Digital Spring aims to promote and encourage all initiatives that:

  • simplify the life of citizens, administrations and companies
  • make new technologies more accessible (make them known, get to grips with them)
  • develop inclusive, ethical and sustainable digital technology
  • boost the creation of jobs and training paths for young people


See you in 2023!

The next Digital Spring will take place on 24 and 25 March 2023 and focus on the theme, "From sky to Earth, the challenges and opportunities of digital in the air."

The show will host a variety of activities such as events, conferences, performances, exhibitions, educational workshops, round tables and spectacular demonstrations. The different components of an IT project will be presented in a fun and exemplary way: job stream, training stream, data exchange, business cases, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence.

The theme will be approached in a broad sense to welcome all the stakeholders involved in the digital transformation of the Brussels Region: companies and start-ups, administrations, research centres, ICT training schools, organisations working in digital inclusion, etc.

Make a note of this event in your calendar and see you soon for a more detailed programme!