13 > 15/11/2020

The Digital Spring 2020 has been postponed to another date to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. As soon as a new date is known, you can find it on this page. We are counting on your understanding and hope to welcome you at this event later this year.

The second edition of Digital Spring in Brussels, inspired by the Montreal edition, will propose many diverse and completely free activities. There are exhibitions and augmented reality experiences at Brussels Expo. Sessions to learn how to code or create your own video game are also included in the programme.

Practical information

Free entrance for all

 Opening dates and hours

13 > 15 November 2020


Brussels Expo (Palais 1)

Place de Belgique, 1
1020 Brussels


In order to better manage access to the Digital Spring event, in to respect the special health and safety measures in place to counter COVID-19, it is mandatory to book (for free) by choosing your time slot.

Your ticket is required at the entrance and when you exit, please keep it on you throughout your visit.

The number of places is limited.

Your ticket grants you access throughout your pre-booked time slot (on Fridays, last entry is at 15:30. At weekends, for the 16:00 to 18:00 time slot, last entry is at 17:30).

The number of places per time slot is limited. Even if the ticket has been reserved for a specific time slot, the organisers reserve the right to ask visitors to wait if the event reaches the maximum quota of people allowed by the government's health protocol.

We would also like to remind you that you are obliged to respect the organisation's hygiene rules. These are based on government health measures at the time of the event. Before going to the venue, please check the COVID-19 Measures tab to find out more about possible changes to the health protocol.

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School groups

Friday 13 November is dedicated to school groups.

In order to better manage access to the Digital Spring event, in to respect the special health and safety measures in place to counter COVID-19, it is mandatory to book (for free) for your whole group (one ticket per person).

The tickets give you access to the event only. If you want to participate in a workshop, some can be booked online. However, booking a workshop online does not exempt you from booking the ticket that will give you access to the event. You can also attend workshops by booking them on site, on the day.

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  • Canadian Pow-wow

    DW Projects & Angel’s View Productions

    An immersive 3D virtual reality film that showcases the still-present culture of La Tuque natives. This project brings together different cultures.
    The 6-minute short film is a Pow Wow experience that invites you to learn more about native cultures.

  • CyberVal


    Discover the various technologies available to people with different disabilities. Get a first-hand experience through the use of suits and accessories, which gives you a better understanding of the issues and allows you to test the equipment present. Home automation, specialised communication tools, alternative computer control systems and other next generation devices.

  • Let's simplify together!

    Espace Cultures et Développement asbl

    Another way of simplifying administrative procedures and the digital transition, in order to make them more integrated into the daily lives of the people of Brussels.
    A project for digital inclusion that calls for the democratisation of digital tools and the appropriation of the potential offered by the digitalisation of services that are now essential for socio-professional integration.

  • Microscopies and erosions by Alain Wergifosse

    Kikk asbl

    In a process close to the performing arts, Alain Wergifosse shows what we can't see, either because our visual faculty doesn't allow us to, or more simply because we don't look.

  • SMing de Superbe : interactive choral

    Kikk asbl

    SMing is an interactive choral installation offering visitors the possibilité́ to be both a conductor and an entire choir.

  • The BRIC


    Various demonstrations and workshops on offer at its stand: how does the IRISbox electronic counter work? Fix My Street helps us improve the Region! With MyBrussels, you have all your regional and municipal services to hand! Datastore: How far can data take us? ... The BRIC also offers a Repair Café: bring your faulty computer equipment and one of our IT technicians will help you fix it! 

  • Virtual reality in schools? It’s possible!

    Avalon Virtual

    Virtual reality and augmented reality are new technological tools that are evolving rapidly. Today, we can have access, in a simple and quick way, to teaching aids that allow us to explore both the immensely distant and the infinitely small. Come and discover four educational workshops that explore what VR and AR can bring to today's education.

  • VR and FIFA esport discovery

    European Gaming Organisation

    Discover e-sport and meet one of RCS Anderlecht’s professional players 

  • Zora

    Printemps numérique de Montréal

    Discover the infinite possibilities of digital technology with Zora, the humanoid robot. 
    Whether it's for playing, dancing, singing or just about anything else, this robot has more than one trick up its sleeve to amaze you.


First aid in virtual reality

Learn about risk prevention through virtual reality. A lower-cost method that allows you to deploy less equipment and fewer people than in real life. This method also allows for an active memorisation of up to 90% thanks to total immersion. Students retain the message better through practice and role-playing.

Coding and IoT workshop


A hands-on demonstration given by students and teachers from the MolenGeek coding school, as well as the winner of our March circular economy Hackathon. An introduction to coding and the Internet of Things (IoT), using Arduino devices to present the basics of back-end development and various IoT applications.

In your pocket: from smartphones to television

We Tell Stories

In this workshop, put yourself in the shoes of a journalist, director, cameraman or sound engineer and discover mobile video with the experts.

Discovery of the podcast and the radio!

We Tell Stories

Sit down, put the headset on your head, get a little closer to the microphone, and discover with us the world of radio and podcasts.
Behind the scenes of the radio podcast: how it is constructed, prepared and broadcast. Take a seat with us around the studio table or in the control room, intervene, ask questions, mix, and let yourself be swept away by the pleasure of creating sound!

Build Ozocity, the eco-city of the future


Do you dream of piloting a robot and building the city of the future? Discover the little Ozobot robot and learn how to control it thanks to coloured markers. Then, all together, we'll build the Ozocity, an ecological city for little robots that includes automated waste sorting, robotic public transport and a dance school for robots! Everything is possible in Ozocity!

Round table

E-learning, the importance of a grassroots approach.


Learn about the issue of digital inclusion in education in Belgium. What are the advantages and tools to use at school or at home?
There are simple solutions to implement that are in line with current and future skill sets. This conference features a video game coded by children on the big screen to be played in interaction with the audience. Then receive an overview of digital education in Belgium and the advantages of teaching computational thinking from primary school onwards.