Especially for the long-awaited autumn edition of Digital Spring, and in collaboration with Digital Spring Montreal, two collectives, one from Brussels and one from Montreal, will be kicking off this special live event in October! In the meantime, follow the creative thought process, the setting up of the event and the artists here.  

Meet the artists 

For the second edition of Brussels' Digital Spring, we decided to invite two artistic collectives to work together for what promises to be a wonderful opening night! After a long period marked by rare performances, Brussels group Alea(s) and Canadian collective are eagerly awaiting the chance to finally perform in front of a live audience again.  

A play on words meaning 'chance', Alea(s) is made up of draughtsman Pierre Coubeau (FSTN), musician and instrument maker François Gaspard (Shakmat Modular) and animator Boris Wilmot. Since 2015, the trio has been creating live, vibrant and improvised performances that combine drawing, video animation and electronic music.  

Multidisciplinary artists Milo Reinhardt, Teo Zamudio and Xavier León form They have been working together since 2015 on audiovisual performances, video installations, interactive online experiences, sound and object design for VR... is also a netlabel for emerging techno, noise, experimental and electronic artists.  

In the coming weeks, the artists will share more information on this page about the works they will be presenting at the opening night of Digital Spring. If you want to know more about Alea(s) and's creations, be sure to check out their websites and follow them on social media.